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Make Money With Email Marketing Bundle

Learn how to make hundreds of dollars or even thousands by hitting "send".

An email list of 500 subscribers has the potential to bring in on average $1500/month PASSIVE income from digital products.

If you send an email to your 500 subscribers for a $99 Product and 30 people out of those 500 decide to buy that's $3000!

Even if only 10 people out of 500 buy, that's still $1,000! In one day! On a passive digital product.

You have amazing potential to grow your tribe via email marketing and see a return on your investment in the next 90 days if you follow the guidance I’ve shared in these 12 trainings in my email marketing start up bundle.

Set your goal at 1,000 subscribers over the next 12 weeks and watch how your brand becomes more visible, more profitable and more sustainable!

Classes included are:

  • 10 Types of emails you can send to your subscribers
  • 5 Triggers that make people want to buy NOW
  • 3 Types of marketing sales funnels to automate your income
  • 10 Common email marketing mistakes to avoid
  • The 4 pieces of a winning marketing plan
  • How to sell on social media without being salesy
  • 20 opt in ideas that will grow your list like WILDFIRE.
  • Open Q&A on email marketing & A detailed explanation of what a new product launch should look like
  • Your Ideal Client has to see your product 7 times before buying! Here’s 9 ways you can put your product in front of the right person.
  • 8 Reasons why building an email list should be your TOP priority and where you can expect to see a return on your investment
  • 6 Rules to create an irresistible freebie
  • 10 Ways to get new email subscribers