I Remember Running My Business Feeling Broken (Cont.)...

Dec 12, 2022

You are more than what you can do for others.

You are more than the certifications and degrees you have.

You are more than a mom.

You are more than a wife.


What happens when you don’t know who your village is, is that anytime you begin to self sabotage, feel stressed or cry, you bear the weight of those emotions alone. Adding to your already full plate. You have now piled on the responsibility of processing your emotions and deciding how to move forward.

And you have to do this, with no support. No sympathy. No one to say “I get it.” Who actually GETS IT.

I know what it feels like to be surrounded by friends and family who care for me and still have no village when I need it.

Instead of feeling guilty for wanting different and deeper connections with new women who are also pushing through life to operate in their God given purpose… join a village.

I’ve recently been shifting my content to answer one of the callings God has put on my life. To build a community of faith based women who are in need of a safe space to commune, connect and exhale. I argued with God for a long time on whether I felt qualified to take on such a task and day after day, week after week he sent me women who found me for business but also needed to be poured into personally and spiritually.

Thus the Monday morning Bible study, and other more frequent references to my own faith walk over the last 10 years of really building a more personal relationship with him. I hesitated for so long to more concretely intertwine my faith and my business. For fear of sounding like I’m using God to make money. When in reality my faith has always been woven into the way I run my business and my life. And anything you have ever seen me have, any revenue you have seen me generate and any system you have seen me build is ALL of him and none of me.


I am happy to invite you to join my new village for women. My community; Grace Over Grind.

I’ll be covering different personal development topics each month and sharing practical tools and strategies to deal with things such as comparison syndrome, imposter syndrome, perfectionism , mom guilt, living in a state of stuck and more. This community is open to you even if you aren’t open or confident about your faith walk. As long as you’re aware that imma sprinkle some Jesus on everything. 😂


*Disclaimer: I am not a preacher. This is not a church. I’m just a girl operating in obedience and fulfilling a need so that you don’t end up like me. On your knees, crying, exhausted and asking God “Why do I feel this way?”, “How do I move forward and not come back to this place of not knowing myself outside of my career or business?”


Join the waitlist today!  When doors open, the first 50 women to join will get a special 1:1 bonus coaching session.


P.S. We’re waiting for you.