3 Ways to Find & Join a Mastermind

higher level mastermind Oct 07, 2022

As I'm writing this I am a 3 day business building retreat hosted by my coach. YES. I have coach! No matter how much you think you know and how much experience you have, you NEED a coach.

That's not what today's blog post is about though. Today I'm talking about why you NEED a community and 3 way to find your tribe. You likely have a community where you are the leader. One of your own that you built. As coaches and service providers we build our communities to be everything we needed in the past.

And, that's great for everyone who is were you used to be, but what about you?

What rooms are you in where you can be a follower, sitting next to other coaches and B2B service providers who are at the level you're at? If your answer is "I don't know." or "I'm not in any rooms like that." then this blog post is your sign to find your higher level tribe.

I have been in high ticket group coaching programs as a student for the last 2 years and I can tell you it has been the BIGGEST factor in helping me continue to grow personally and professionally. To the point where now, I have launched my own mastermind to bring together entrepreneurs who are making $8k+ months consistently and need strategy on streamlining operations and cutting back work hours to part time without sacrificing rest, family or self.

My advice to you is GET IN THE ROOM.

NO MATTER how much it costs. The mastermind programs that cost 5 figures+ are the best ones. I'm warning you! Don't read this blog post and then go looking for a $5k mastermind expecting to have high level conversations, 2-4 retreats/year (domestic and international) and weekly support from coaches and experts.

When it comes to high level masterminds, you get what you pay for. I suggest investing between $10k-$15k for your first mastermind. (That's $10-$15k for the year. You get coaching, expert access + retreats and events).

If you're still with me by the time you're reading this, here's what you need to know to find your higher level community.

#1 Check out your favorite leaders now.

Your favorite leaders in business may already have a mastermind that you weren't aware of. Even if they don't talk about it much on social media, it's likely on their website somewhere. You can also send them an email and simply ask. Some masterminds are exclusive and not openly available to enroll in online. For example; I have a higher level mastermind that is $10k/year. We have weekly meetings, I bring in experts and there's 2 retreats for the year. I don't just want anybody off the street to enroll. For that reason, my mastermind enrollment page and application is not on my website. It's on a hidden page. I talk about it here and there and have people who are serious DM me a keyword to apply. This keeps it exclusive and I know that anyone who joins the group is a great fit and I can 100% help them reach their goals.


#2 Go to high ticket events.

High ticket events are a great way to see if you like your potential coach's teaching style and energy. It's super important to only be in a mastermind when you can identify with the coach on a professional and energetic level. You may not have the same life story, upbringing or past, but being able to get in the room with your potential next coach and feel empowered, confident and strategically aligned is vital. Going to events is the quickest way to see what it could be like to work with a coach. Word of advice: high ticket events are better! You're looking to invest $10-$15k to join your first mastermind so, be ready to invest at least $997 for a ticket to one of the potential coaches events. This will give you a more realistic idea of what it would be like to work with them in a higher capacity.


#3 Ask around!

If you're active in your industry and online, you probably also have friends who are in a mastermind. Don't be afraid to ask around. A referral from someone who knows you and knows your potential next coach is more qualified to help you decide if the program may be a good fit for you. Of course most coaches who have a mastermind, offer a decision call when you're serious about enrolling and have some lingering questions, but your friends and colleagues know you on a deeper level. Don't be shy about what you need. GROWTH requires VULNERABILITY.

As I said before, being a part of 2 higher level masterminds over the last 2 years has changed the way I approach business and abundance. I don't only say my affirmations I BELIEVE them. It's all. because I am in the room with other entrepreneurs who invest in themselves at a higher level.

The energy is different.

The wins are different.

The support is different.

You DESERVE that level of higher energy, bigger wins and more support. Find your higher level community today and enroll within the next 30 days. If you follow the 3 strategies above you'll find the right coach. If you're interested in learning more about my mastermind for 6 figure coaches and B2B service providers who are ready to be part time multi 6 figure earners CLICK HERE.