I do not subscribe to "hustle culture".

You do not have to work overtime or even 40 hours/week to make the income you want. Trading time for money is a dead end way to live and I know you're here because you know you can't keep it up. Working the way you do now is interfering with your personal life and health.


7 Ways To Book More Coaching Clients With FREE Content.

  • Be The Expert: Use your free content to position yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • Make Money From Email Marketing: Learn how to get more ROI from your email list.
  • Build your audience: Attract more ready to buy prospects.

Now let me guess you are...


Feeling stressed and overwhelmed.


You're ready to ditch the long hours working online. Likely you are booking clients at too low of a price or you have a high ticket offer and you're not booking enough clients. Either way the stress is overwhelming.



Wish you were napping on a beach.


You crave freedom of time without having to lower your money goals. You lack the ability to take time off from working when you need it. Your mental health is suffering and there's no such thing as work-life balance for you right now.



Ready to take on a real CEO role.


You are super busy and need to streamline, implement systems, automate and outsource your day to day "to do list" and big projects in order to keep up. 

Have we met before?

My name is Kelly. I am a technology systems coach.

In 2017 I turned my side hustle into a full time business and tripled my income in the first 30 days. I made my first $100k in 16 months as a done for you service provider.

After working with over 1,000 clients projects, making half a million dollars during my time as a full time entrepreneur and running my service based business, coaching and a product based brick and mortar boutique with my mom in Atlanta as well I’ve learned A LOT of lessons to say the least. 

Work With Me.

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